No.24-02 Building AI/ML & Gen AI responsibly on AWS

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No.24-02 Building AI/ML & Gen AI responsibly on AWS
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This presentation explores best practices for building AI/ML and generative AI (Gen AI) models responsibly on AWS. We’ll explore real use cases where these technologies are driving value for organizations in Education and Research. We’ll cover AWS’s framework for responsible AI, focusing on transparency, fairness, privacy, and accountability. Attendees will learn about tools and services like Amazon SageMaker and Amazon Bedrock that support ethical AI development.

Speaker Bio

Nieves is the AI/ML Specialist lead for Public Sector in Amazon Web Services (AWS). She drives generative AI, artificial intelligence and machine learning strategies from inception to scale, helping organizations across Education, Research, Healthcare and Government, among others, to transform their business leveraging AI/ML. Previous to AWS, Nieves was ecosystem director and new products introduction director in different start-ups and large organisations in Europe, having the privilege of contributing to several standards and patents along the way. For the last 15 years, her work has been focused on driving innovation and bringing new products to market globally, particularly in the Customer Experience, Internet of Things and AI/ML space. Currently based in Australia, she’s an active mentor and advocate of diversity and inclusion in STEM and AI, collaborating with various Universities and government entities in Asia Pacific and Europe. She’s a lecturer & Industry expert for the Machine Learning Institute in Spain.

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