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No.23-22 Process Mining: Opportunities and Challenges

Yadan Luo Follow Sep 13, 2023 · 2 mins read
No.23-22 Process Mining: Opportunities and Challenges
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In recent years, significant advances in extended reality (XR) and AI have offered novel, promising ways to visualise and eventually better understand large and complex data. Immersion augments our ability to visualise data beyond the 2D screen, offers more display space and more direct interaction with the data. AI can perform, for example, advanced tasks such as exploratory data analysis, or sophisticated classification and segmentation of data. How do these two technologies merge to better inform human-in-the-loop approaches to support data-related tasks? In this talk I will first briefly introduce my previous work in Immersive Analytics, which includes the visualisation of abstract and 3D data in multiple XR scenarios. I will then present my recent work on immersive and interactive 3D point cloud classification through a dialogue with a machine learning model in Virtual Reality, to support a classification task.

Speaker Bio

Prof Wynn conducts research in the areas of business process management, process mining, and data quality, having completed her PhD in workflow management, and process automation in 2007. She is a Vice-Chair and one of the steering committee members of the IEEE Taskforce on Process Mining. As IEEE Working Group Chair, she serves to re-standardise the eXtensible Event Stream (XES), an input data format for process mining. Moe has steered large collaborative research themes in Robotic Process Automation, Digital Health Analytics, Privacy-preserving process mining, and Data Quality. She has over fifteen years of experience in conducting applied research across multiple Australian sectors engaging with logistics, healthcare, insurance, utility, education, government, mining, and agri-food supply chains to pinpoint inefficiencies and derive data-driven improvements. Her research expertise is recognised in her 100+ refereed papers, including 35 journal articles (Google h-index:38; citations:6600+), and a Scopus h-index of 27, as of 30 July 2023.

As an international BPM researcher and educator, Prof Wynn has served as a co-chair and committee member for international conferences, grant assessor for the ARC research council, PhD thesis examiner, and a reviewer of international journals. She was a program committee chair of the 2nd International Conference on Process Mining 2020 and the International Conference on Business Process Management 2021. She was a co-editor of a special Issue on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the Computers in Industry Journal (2021) and is a co-editor of a special Issue on Managing the Dynamics of Business Processes in the Business & Information Systems Engineering journal (2023). She is a member of the Australian Research Council College of Experts (2023 – 2025).

More Details

  • When: Wed 18 Sep 2023, at 1:00 pm (GMT+10)
  • Speaker: Dr Maxime Cordeil (University of Queensland)
  • Host: Dr Helen Huang
  • Venue: Building 14-115
  • Zoom:

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