Welcome to UQ Data Science Seminar Series!

Yadan Luo Follow Jan 01, 2023 · 1 min read
Welcome to UQ Data Science Seminar Series!
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This UQ Data Science seminar series aims to bring together students and senior researchers to discuss about their research, intending to have a diverse set of talks and speakers on topics realted to machine learning, computer vision, data mining, information retrieval, etc.

UQ Data Science Team is a leading research group in Australia. The DS group’s research standing ensured UQ received ERA ranking of 5 in 0806 Information Systems in the 2012-2018 collections. DS has been working in the area of large-scale databases and information systems, involving a wide range of data types, especially multimedia data which is the type of data under consideration of this project. DS has a growing portfolio of datasets and data-intensive computing infrastructure capable to support terabyte-level highperformance storage and processing. The established Big Data lab by the DS group will support the work envisaged in this project. DS members have consistently attracted research funding from ARC and the industry. The group has a successful track record of publishing in top conferences and journals with over 200 publications in the last 5 years. DS members have advised nearly 70 RHD students in the last 5 years. DS contributes significantly to the national and international research community in various leadership roles including leading the ARC Training Centre for Information Resilience, hosting CIKM’21, ACM Multimedia’15, ICDE’13.

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